Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Hello family and friends!

This Christmas season has gotten here so quickly and I can hardly believe it! In true Christmas letter fashion I will update you on the Champion family!

Danno is now 23 years old and still trying to grow his mustache. He has survived his semester at the University of Utah but is now transferring to SLCC to work on a drafting program. Danno is also serving in the Young Mens program as the secretary. We are still so happy to be living here in Salt Lake and not Logan. He surprised me for my birthday and got us Iphones! We also bought a car this year. Danno is enjoying his Scion XB. One day as we were leaving for a date he said, "Hello beautiful." Thoughts of his sweetness and lovey-doveyish stuff filled my sentimental little mind! Then I realized he was talking to the car as he rubbed some dust off it.

I, Nellie, am also 23 years old and working on not growing a mustache (I'm pretty good at it!). I am surviving my first year of teaching and enjoying the post parent teacher bliss. I can't believe that I have been teaching third grade for 5 months! It has been a whirlwind, but very rewarding. I am enjoying serving in the Young Womens program. We truly love our ward.

We both hope you have a lovely holiday as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. We love you all!

In my off track time I found some scissors and cut my own bangs....again.
Here is the moment I opened my birthday Iphone!
This is Danno hugging his sister Amy at the cabin.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Hello friends and family!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the beginnings of the holiday season. I have the Christmas fever trailing on my heels as Thanksgiving approaches. We are spending Thanksgiving with the Champion family in Heber this year. I'm sorry for the lack of posts but I'm sure you understand with your busy lives as well! Hopefully being off-track will improve our blogging life. We love you all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are alive. I promise.

My resolution while I was off-track was to rev up my blogging life. However, I spent much of my blogging time admiring my friends, their children, their adventures with husbands, and fellow teaching careers. Here I am now three weeks into school and just getting to our update.

Life is just wonderful! I am loving teaching third grade and find them pleasant and cute. I have had some pretty funny adventures with the children. They make me laugh and frequently cry...from stress. But things are going well and I would like to report that I have gone 4 weeks without crying on the way to work! Woot! So far, I have been kissed on my arm, bled on, cried on, picked up, called Mommy several times, and so many other silly things. My mom always said the kids made the job worth it. She was so right.

Danno is still the best husband in the world. He brought me lunch at work today. He is surviving school and spitting on peoples' Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster. He enjoyed Fall break with Shawn and played lots of video games, pumped iron, did homework, and is still the best housewife a girl could ask for. I love him.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I smell something.

The weather is cooler.
I feel the need to buy sweaters.
I suddenly feel like nesting and buying unnecessary, and possibly tacky, holiday trinkets.
Fallen apples on the lawn have a sharp and sweet scent.


This will be my first fall in Sandy since my senior year in high school because I have spent my previous years in Logan. I love fall. I love everything about it. I love that it is jacket weather. I love gourds, kids in cute tights and sweaters, cinnamon smells, turning leaves, everything. I even want to throw myself another wedding in the Fall because it is ever so lovely. Perhaps I'll just settle for a Fall party. I think I will sit on my porch in a chunky sweater and sip cider while my neighbors all lay on their communal futon and smoke with all their doors and windows open. I suppose we all enjoy the Fall differently.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Be Glad

SICK! We meshed our faces into our pseudo baby.

Danno: darkerish-white man, brown hair, nice teeth
Nellie: Asian, rounder face, black hair, nice teeth

Danno+Nellie= sick beak faced red head who looks like a thirty year old tax auditor.

I just wanted to know what they would look like. Curiosity killed the cat.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Life is Busy.

Wow! School is going and I am in my fourth week of teaching. I have cute kids and some nuttty ones too but they are all very endearing. Teaching is HARD! However, it is getting easier and easier as I get the hang of it. I got so stuck in teaching that I didn't get to say goodbye to one of my best friends Holly when she left for the Peace Corps. This is a dark day. I need to remember the important things in my life and not lose my life in the educating of the children of Monte Vista. We have had a lot of family fun lately and herek are some pictures. I love my family. Here are some milestones we have achieved: Celebrated our one year anniversary, got an adult's paycheck, and decided in the next few months we are buying a car. Sorry Mommasita and Randizzle, babies are not part of our milestones yet...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome back Kotter

After my wonderful week at home I returned to Virginia to my Danno and humid conditions. Three days later, we packed up our car and drove to Utah. Experiencing one week apart plus the feeling of job security, we decided living apart for 2 months wasn't worth the 15,000ish we would make for the summer. So here we are livin' it up in Murray again! Shout out David Archuletta!!! Unfortunately our Virginia trip has set us back a bit so we are holding off on getting internet. Consequently, no blogging unless I'm pilfering the luxury of my parents or in-laws.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh bring them in from the fields, oh bring them in from the plains...

That is right. I'm referring to your third graders. I HAVE A JOB! I am officially a third grade teacher at Monte Vista Elementary. These last few months of anticipation and lack of job positions can get a girl all worried. Thankfully I have a wonderful supportive family (yes Mom, Cheryl, Jo-nelle, and all their "connections") who have helped me to make good business decisions and calmed my troubled heart through this process. My mom and I have discussed this employment miracle and deemed all the credit to the Lord. I have been so blessed and am grateful for all the support and love of family and friends. So send your 8-9 year olds my way for some good ol' public learnin'. Love!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feeling Sixteen

The last few days have been a flashback of 2003 for me.  I have found myself sitting in my pop's recliner eating popcicles, sleeping solo in my bedroom, eating dinner and not having to make it, and hanging out with girl friends.  I flew back to Utah for some job interviews, well allow me to correct myself, ONE job interview.  I am hoping for more, but apparently having a small Asian lurking around your school trying to pass out her resume is as desirable as having me pass out dubies to the kids.  My dear friend Holly and I are off to be groupies and watch Chem's band (a boy from high school and former band-mate of Danno's).  This week seems like a wonderful week of nostalgia, family, and friends.  Wish me luck on the jungle hunt for a job!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Being here in Virginia and pretty much alone most of the day gets a girl thinking. Lately I have been thinking about how funny my life is and much of it is tied somehow into Danno. So, here is little insight into our lovely love.I am in the front row folding my arms reverently and Danno is being escorted off the stage by his father. (Note: One of my besties Suzi is concentrating very thoroughly on the far left)

Danno and I began at the very beginning. It's a very good place to start.
Miss Jackie had a charming little preschool where she nurtured young minds, but ultimately we only remember cinnamon toast and sitting in the table with the hole in it. That is correct! We started in preschool, but needless to say, we didn't date until a few years after that.
Sadly, Danno and I didn't meet again until middle school where my first impression of him was, "Man! That kid and I have the same vest on." Twas a lasting impression. We were awkward brace faces together and shared little waves and smiles in the halls but nothing ever came of it. I was painfully shy and awkward looking as my body went through several waves of ugly. Danno had identity crisis issues as he identified himself by duct taping his shoes, waving Canada flags, and bleaching his hair. Middle school is rough fellas. My dear friends Cassie and Annie were in love with my future boo and spent their time driving by his house in hopes of catching a glimpse of his toned...braces?
We got through middle school and I started coming out of my tween funk. High school brought fizzies and jitters as the world of dating opened its pearly gates. The first one at those gates was Daniel Alan Champion! It happened, oh yes it did. As my first date, my parents were on high alert. They admired his promptness in getting me home on time and proclaimed, "We like that boy. He's nice." From then on its history.
Silly high school moments swirled in and out of our pseudo-relationship but ultimately, he came home from his mission we watched Transformers and held hands. Now we are committed to only holding Champasaki hands.

we love it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Living La Vida Loca...Clearly

So here I am in our Virginia apartment as a cool breeze wafts through the house. Here are some of my favorite things about our new address as of late:
  • Everyone has an accent and some can't understand my "Utah" talk.
  • I was informed by my co-workers that the "mountain-folk," such as the kind you find on My Big Redneck Wedding, only come into "town" on the weekends and they deluge the mall. Apparently I have toothless, cheap, camouflage folks headed my way at the Valley View Mall. I'm STOKED. In case you aren't sure what these people may look like... I was also informed that the men sit outside of the store because we aren't a taxidermist/Gas Station/Walmart.
  • I was informed by my boss that Southern Virginia is a large producers of Daddy's Moon Shine, or "magic water." This truly is a magical place.
  • It is beautiful here. This is just outside of our apartment. We cannot believe how green it is!

Monday, May 11, 2009

From Graduating to Virginia!

Wow! It has been a long time since I last checked in via the blogging system. Our life has changed significantly since the last post. First, I finished my student teaching (thankfully) and graduated on May 2nd. It was surreal and magnificent all at the same time. I am looking for a job now because I'm a competent member of society with a degree! Woot!

On May 3rd we loaded up the Protege to the tippy-top and headed out east! Our friend BJ followed us too.

Our first stop was in Grand Island, Nebraska. It was flat and fairly boring along with an aroma of stank that left me dry heaving and Danno laughing at me. Unfortunately, no pictures were captured of sweet Nebraska

We then drove, drove, drove, and drove until we ended up in St. Louis. We walked around down town, past the Cardinals stadium, and to the arch. It was the highlight of our drive and Danno was particularly marveled with the grandeur of the arch. This jazzed him for his future career of

building/designing/civil engineering. There was a plaque that described how it was built by a civil engineering team. We also crossed the Mississippi and gave a hearty shout out to Huck Finn.

Four days later, after a slight tire complication and a few calls to AAA, we arrived in Roanoke! Sleepy and car-crammed legs led us up to our Pebble Creek apartment where we passed out!

Here we are playing "throw the rock in the beer can" as we wait for AAA to rescue us.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Need to Read More.

As I browse through my list of blogging friends, I like to look at what they post. Upon looking, I saw that my friend Laura has just finished Uncle Tom's Cabin. Thus began the reflecting. The last book I completed was Weird Stories From the Lonesome Cafe. Ah, you may not be familiar with it because I read it to my SECOND GRADERS. I am so disconnected from adult life and literature, so I beg you to give me some suggestions. Really, its for the good of the people.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Fever Brings Lovey Feelings

I'm a lucky girl. Clearly, he is a lucky man.
I found this and thought it was silly.
This is Danno before he left on his mission.

Top Ten Reasons Danno is the Manno:

10: He plays on "Expert" in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Rock on baby.
9. He plays my little games. Why only two days ago he pretended to play duets with me on the keyboard for 20 minutes,
8. He helps me get get dressed in the morning. Sometimes finding an outfit is an awful predicament and he humors me with patience as I rummage through my threads.
7. He is a FUNNY man. I don't think anyone ever created can make me laugh like him. The young women in our ward tell me how funny he is, I tell them he is cute.
6. He is incredibly considerate. He will do little things for me like leaving notes on the bathroom mirror, making me cd's, cleaning, and lots of hugs when I lose my cool and curse the teaching profession.
5. He loves puppies...and kids. For us, these are running under the same category: too expensive and no one to take care of them. But when we do get a beautiful puppy or a furry little baby, he will be amazing. I know it.
4. He spoils me a bit. Danno still plans surprise dates, buys flowers, or gets me a cute outfit (He just got me one for my interviews!) even when we are busy and married.
3. He is cute. Well, he is.
2. He is an amazing example for me, our families, and friends.
1. He loves me.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Fondue! Do you?

Random preface: Styrofoam, although a terrible foe to the environment, can entertain for up to 5 minutes. Here are the rules: 1. you can only use your fingernail or keys 2. You must make a picture from a random shape or line that your partner draws for you. 3. Enjoy.

Last Monday the stars aligned and Danno and I were able to do family night with the Champions! We went to the lovely Draper Temple and then to Zuppas for din-din. After a delish dinner, Daddy Warbucks [Randizzle] bought us a tantalizing little treat.
YOU GUESSED IT!!!We got some fab fondue!
Along with fudge yumminess, we got cosmic brownie bites, marshmallows, bananas, and strawberries.
It was Ryan's first fondue experience and he was pretty hesitant. However, the allure of the dessert coaxed him in and he ended up with a chocolaty mouth--just how we like him.My sweet sister Amy eats seven things. 1. bread 2. chicken 3. milk (kinda) 4. dessert 5. coconut shrimp (wait! only a little bit) 6. A1 sauce and ranch and the new one [drumroll....] 7. SPOONS dipped in chocolate.

We do fondue. We invite you to fondue with us. Do it, fondue it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In the words of Whitney Houstin, "I believe the children are our future."

Nearly every day I arrive at la escuela I find sticky treats ripped from pockets, pennies and dimes, and love notes. Many of them look somewhat like the above picture. As I sit down and get ready for the day, I read them and think how cute they are, how precious these little munchkins are, and how teaching is grrrrrrrrrreat. Imagine my surprise when I found this one from an anonymous little kiddy.

I laughed so loud when I found this one. I quickly stuffed it in my teacher bag to avoid questions from my nosy little boys. Later that day, the littlest girl in the class, came up to me with her toothless grin and asked if I got her note. I told her I wasn't sure and she said enthusiastically, "It was the one in the big, black marker!" She had found a valentine that said, "stuck on you." Personally, it was funnier to me how she wrote it. This is why people have kids.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mi Casa Es Su Casa!

Here is our little window which divides the kitchen from the living room. These are some wine bottles that Danno brought back from Ruby Tuesday. We have gotten some accusing and concerned looks from the visiting teachers and church members. But in the words of Bill Clinton, "We didn't inhale!"

I can't figure out how to make this look neater, but to the left is the dining/living/kitchen/spa/indoor basketball court.
To the bottom right is our cute little bedroom.

We have a new baby!

Hello friends and family! Well it has been a while since we, or I suppose I have posted anything. Danno is going to school and working at Red Lobster where he is making what he made in a week at Ruby Tuesday in a few days. We are loving our new apartment and pictures will follow! Now for the new family member.

This is 32LG10 Champion. He came into this apartment at 9:06 p.m.

He weighed 45 lbs and 4 oz.

He is 32 inches and his father couldn't be happier.

Danno has never been more proud of his shiny black son.

Our first family photo.

After months of pinching pennies, Danno got his baby. He expects a baby shower where speakers, Blue Ray business, and electronic cleaner is presented to him :)

I loves you Dove!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Picture this: It's a cold December day and your first birthday with your husband, as husband and wife. Perhaps you have images of hot cocoa, fluffy pillows, frosty windows, and breakfast in bed. Well, picture this: It's 7:30, the windows are frosted and you have to brave the winter weather as you head to school until 6 p.m. This was my birthday. I was a little bummed that most of this day that my husband took work off for, would be spent in a stuffy classroom. However, he drove me to school, promised much fun and fine dining later, and kissed me goodbye. When I got home, he let me get ready then swept me off for sushi. We ate lots of yummy food and then Danno gave me my present! He gave me a cute hat, scarf, and BODY WORLD tickets! I was so stoked, even though some people I'm a creep for being so excited. We went and it was amazing. We were in awe of how intricate the body is and how unreal the displays were. We highly encourage you to go. It's worth it. We talked his parents into going and are anxious to see their reaction. It was such a fun birthday!