Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy to be poor.

I had a delightful realization yesterday. I love my life. I love the modest beginnings of life we have here. I like going to the Coinstar and making bets on how much we have in "chump change." I like getting excited about a $3 shirt. I like cleaning my own home. I love painting and decorating my own home and feeling that "chaaaaa! I did that!" feeling. Yes, money is wonderful and the harsh realization is that we all need it. However, I'm glad I don't have a bunch of it. I think it would drastically alter who I am or at least have the ability to do so. What was my realization? I want to live a modest life. I don't want my daughter to be hoisted on shirtless puberty stricken boys for her 16th birthday as MTV has glorified. I'm as happy as a Clam-pett. Turn around Jed. It is a much more fulfilling life if you do it yourself. Mow your own lawn, clean your own house, raise your own kids, and I'm pretty sure you will appreciate it all that much more.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I heart my bathroom.

This is how the room started.

I apologize that I'm in this. But you get the idea.

Picture prints: $3. Frames: $0. Whale: $0.75. Blue candle: $birthday present from 8th grade.

Jars: $0. Q-tips:$2.89. Cotton Balls: $ 1.

Orchid: $10. Plant Pot: $2.50.

Shower curtain: $20.
i love it. so peaceful and zen-ie.