Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back in the swing of things!

Well another year has come again and I am now three weeks into my second year of teaching. It has been wonderful doing this a SECOND time. The first year was so scary. But this year I am much more at ease starting school. I'm still no expert and I have already had a heart-to-heart with my class about their behavior, but I feel much more comfortable this time.

Danno and I were also able to celebrate our second year as married peeps. I am such an advocate of marriage. Who else would tell me when I have stuff in my teeth, listen to me cry about naughty children and dog poop, correct papers, buy a puppy and home with me, tell me my outfit is cute even when it's less than fab, and take care of me when I am all yucky and sicky? The answer is Danno. He is my best friend and I like him a lot. We went down to St. George and had a wonderful time! We saw Tarzan at the Tuachan, ate steak, went shopping and swimming, and lounged by the pool. I love Danno.

Yuki is still a baby to us. We love her most of the time. She is getting her sad surgury on Tuesday and will be sporting the cone of shame. Good luck Yuki!