Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love, Corbin

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4 years down celebrated downtown

My husband is the king of one uppers when it comes to special events.  You think he is just a cool reserved guy who likes to keep things simple and then BAM! it is your birthday, anniversary, Christmas (for Pete's sake do you remember last year?), and he has the most thoughtful, fun, and totally unexpected thing planned.  This year for our anniversary we decided to keep it pretty low key due to the baby and financial circumstances changing (me not working).  So I wake up on our anniversary and he hands me a card. It is a sweet little card with one of our inside jokes in it (everyday? everyday.) and tells me that he has had a reservation at the Peery hotel in SLC booked for months and we are spending Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there.  He has lined up a sitter for Friday night and then we will go pick up Corb and make it a family vaca for the rest.  He even knows that I would die without my baby for too long.  What a guy. We kicked it off going to City Creek and eating at Cheesecake factory.  We walked around the shops ( holy expensive) and enjoyed holding hands and not talking about nursing or diaper changes.  Then we went and saw Moonrise Kingdom.  It was fun walking everywhere we went.  We both agreed that we love SLC and it would be fun to live there for a bit if we didnt have a dog/child.  We leisurely watched the Olympics and just hung out with each other.  It was needed.  Oh my it was needed.  The next day we saw The Dark Knight Rises (we miss going to movies) and then picked up our boy and went swimming.  We then went to dinner and walked around City Creek's kids stores with the babe.  Sunday rolled around and we enjoyed lounging in a bed, a huge temperpedic bed, we didn't have to make.  We went to Solitute and walked around the lake.  I love me some husband/family time.