Monday, March 29, 2010

This is how we roll

We celebrated today by going to the Museum of Natural History and then eating fondue. Woo Hoo!

2 years ago today...

Danno asked me to marry him! I naturally said yes. Here is the story for those who don't know it.
March 29th 2008.
Danno and I had been dating since he got home from his mission and had basically decided we were getting married (ok, we had completely decided we were getting married). Thus I knew a proposal was coming. We went with his family to Zions National Park for Easter. I had suspected something was going to happen on this trip because I heard his mom ask him if he was still planning on proposing (I'm quick like that :) ). However, Danno was so cool and collected I thought he had changed his mind about the Zions proposal. We had so much fun and I just forgot about the potential proposal!
We began hiking Angel's Landing at 6:30 am with Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Datus, and cousin Ben. It was beautiful and a little scary. As we reached the top I saw Danno start to fidget and he kept touching his pocket. Then it hit me. I started to get all squirmy and jumpy! The others let us go ahead and Danno put his arm around me as we looked out off the top of Angel's Landing and he said, "So, do you really want to do this?" I promptly replied, "what?" Quickly followed by, "Um, get married." I love this story! Danno may feel embarrassed but I love it! Then he got down on one knee and popped the question with this rock.Due to nerves and the overwhelming nature of the proposal, Danno didn't get to say everything he wanted to but he more than made up for it in a speech he gave at our wedding dinner. It made me, my sisters, mom and dad all cry like babies.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Party in the USA

The aftermath of Champion Double birthdays. Love it.

Being off track for a month sure gets a girl used to living with her husband. I love that we actually get to spend time together when I'm not teaching. I just keep telling myself that one day we will be on the same schedule and this won't be for much longer. Danno and I went on a little vacation to the family cabin in Heber and enjoyed the lovely ice castles. We had fun prancing around Park City and such. Initially we were going to go to DisneyLand but adulthood settled in and we decided we would save for our casa.

Home update: We put an offer down on a 5 bedroom home about 3 months ago but found out we were outbid. Thus the hunt was on! We found another cute home, smaller, but nicer looking, and put an offer on that. Now we play the waiting game as the bank reviews our offer. This could take months. While you wait anxiously for
my "we got a home/we still live in an apartment" post, here are some fun pictures.


Danno's best friend Ian went to Washington DC for spring break and let us borrow his Playstation 3. This is what we did for spring break. Gotta love those bare ankles.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Ry Guy, Amy Lou, Jack, and Owee!

It's that time of year again when snow starts melting, spring starts springing, and our family members get older. Please don't be offended if we haven't dedicated a post in celebration of your birthday. March just seems to be the month for babies for us. So this is our birthday shout out to our peeps.

Let's start with the oldest:
Ryan! Ry is 29 today and got to take cupcakes to celebrate his birthday with his friends at the Murray Green House. I constantly ask myself, "What would life be without Ryan?" He is such a special person who has the ability to make everybody laugh. Two of my favorite Ryan quotes this week are 1. "Hey Ry, who is that guy with the guitar? Is he your friend?" Ryan: "Yeah, that's Matthew. But he likes us to call him Firedragon." 2. "I don't like small dogs. They give me gas." Ryan is an awesome reader (especially when he reads to my class), brother, uncle, and friend. We love you Ry!
Amy! Amy is turning the tender age of 16. Soon the dramas of boys and driving will be more than her parents can handle. Amy is beautiful and kind. She is truly a Christ-like example and I look up to her in many ways. She is in a musical and is super stoked! All you teenage boys better watch your hearts 'cause Amy is "of age" and ready to rage! (I don't know what that just rhymes)
Jack Jack! Jack is turning 7 years old! I cannot believe my grunting little nephew is almost 7. Jack is my bud and I surely miss him all the way out in Texas. July cannot come fast enough so I can run through the sprinklers, play legos, and talk Star Wars with my Jack-A-Roo-Pumpkin-Pie. Favorite Jack story: Jack saw breast feeding for the 1st time and asked "Ahh! Is he eating you?!" Cindy: "No Jack, Cam is just having some lunch." Jack: "Oh, [insert long pause for thought] Got any Cheetos in there?"
Owee is 2 and crackin' us up. This little boy has so much personality. We love him to pieces. Owee prays that Danno and I will be "good boys," tells people that Danno eats dogs, loves Danno to the max, likes to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Rhombus," and just makes us laugh. We love you Owee-O!