Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The past two weeks have been such great highs and then such pitiful freak outs. The highs were highhh. Danno registered for his very last class at UVU, we actually weren't so dirt poor we had to use the credit card (holla!), we went on a real date with PLANS and everything (dinner, movie, and a hot tub?! It was like we were 17 again), and Corbin snuggles me real tight every day. Lately I feel obsessed with time and the fact I'm running short on it. I miss Danno and having real conversations that don't focus on when he can be home so I can leave. Our date was much needed.  I feel so very stretched thin. I don't have enough time with Corbs, I don't get to work as much as I need, I don't get to see my husband except for Thursday and Saturday, and I don't have time to keep my house clean. But with all this focus on my lack of time, I love the things I get to do with the time I have. Corbin is 20 months! I love that I get to be here for his nonsense conversations about blocks and his mild freak outs watching Color Crew. We are busy- but busy is good.  We are busy with important things: family, baby, work, school, church, and Netflix (because it's good for our sanity).  I have drama-mama freak outs and lists and lists of to-do items and somehow still survive, despite what I think.