Monday, January 5, 2009

Picture this: It's a cold December day and your first birthday with your husband, as husband and wife. Perhaps you have images of hot cocoa, fluffy pillows, frosty windows, and breakfast in bed. Well, picture this: It's 7:30, the windows are frosted and you have to brave the winter weather as you head to school until 6 p.m. This was my birthday. I was a little bummed that most of this day that my husband took work off for, would be spent in a stuffy classroom. However, he drove me to school, promised much fun and fine dining later, and kissed me goodbye. When I got home, he let me get ready then swept me off for sushi. We ate lots of yummy food and then Danno gave me my present! He gave me a cute hat, scarf, and BODY WORLD tickets! I was so stoked, even though some people I'm a creep for being so excited. We went and it was amazing. We were in awe of how intricate the body is and how unreal the displays were. We highly encourage you to go. It's worth it. We talked his parents into going and are anxious to see their reaction. It was such a fun birthday!