Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October has been a time when Danno and I can actually spend some time with each other in the daylight! Fall has gotten us excited to spend holiday quality time together so we embarked on some fall fun. We hiked to the Wind Caves in Logan Canyon.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

He did it!!!

Well after weeks of monotony, I finally have something to report! Danno got his acceptance letter to the University of Utah. We are so excited! Well, I'm getting a little bit worried about leaving Logan. I'm so happy to be moving closer to family but my life has been in Logan for 3.5 years now, PLUS I really like our apartment. Hopefully our new one isn't completely made of cinderblocks...
I would also like to report that Danno and I are loving being married and still haven't fought yet! I know we are still in the newly wed stage when I asked Danno to do some chores while I was at work and he only did the ones he wanted. Somehow, when I got home and had to finish the chores, I thought it was cute. I told him this phase where I always think he is cute would pass, and one day he would have to clean the fish bowl. But for the meantime, I still think he is cute.