Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mrs. Champion's the name, teachin' is the game.

My cute friend Suzi wanted to see my classroom and I realized I had no pictures of it! Sadness. Because I have tried really hard to make my little classroom cave happy and fun. There is also a picture of Owen, which is not part of my class, but equally cute and bloggable. I only have 8 weeks left until I have completed the dreaded first year. Here are my favorites about teaching:
  1. Getting sticky little notes and hugs.
  2. Seeing them improve and being proud of it.
  3. Listening to their growing up stories.
  • "You are so kind. No man-eating animal would ever eat you."
  • "I got a number from a girl at the mall with a mullet."
  • "Mrs. Champion, I wish you were my mommy."
  • "Will you be my teacher forever?"
  • "Sorry I couldn't answer you earlier. I had a huge mucous ball in my mouth."
Least favorite things: Dodging the huge booger my student flicked during gym.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going Private

Hello all! I'm going to go private so if you would like me to send you an invite please send me an email with your address.


Confessions of a MAF: Married Asian Female

Confession 1: Last week I went to my parent's house to kill some time while Danno was working. Suddenly I found myself rummaging through my old room. After discovering old notes from middle school, clog shoes, and too-short shirts, I found my wedding dress. Now I have been telling myself for the last two years that I should have had my dress taken in more through the waist because it was a little "roomy" when I got married. Call it delusion, whatevs, but I have felt skinnier than when we got married. Thus you would think the dress should have even more room. Negative. I decided to try on my wedding dress and I could barely zip it up. So I did what any wannabe bride would do. I sat and watched Dateline in my too-tight wedding dress.

Confession 2: I want to get a spray on tan. If I fork out the bucks I may be orange. But at this point, it may be better than my tranluscent skin.

Confession 3: The smell of stale cigarette smoke reminds me of theme parks, specifically DisneyLand. I kind of like it.

I hope this privileged information doesn't skew your feelings about me. Love, Janelle

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easters All! [evonne come home]

This post is mainly for my sister Evonne. I want to showcase how much fun we have here in Utah. This is my feeble attempt to entice her to move back here. Texas has nuttin' on us. Come home Evonne...I'll even give you a dollar and a handful of loose candy courtesy of the Miyasaki Easter Egg hunt.

Happy Easter to everyone else! I hope this lovely holiday warms your hearts and reminds us all of the better things in life.