Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Fever Brings Lovey Feelings

I'm a lucky girl. Clearly, he is a lucky man.
I found this and thought it was silly.
This is Danno before he left on his mission.

Top Ten Reasons Danno is the Manno:

10: He plays on "Expert" in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Rock on baby.
9. He plays my little games. Why only two days ago he pretended to play duets with me on the keyboard for 20 minutes,
8. He helps me get get dressed in the morning. Sometimes finding an outfit is an awful predicament and he humors me with patience as I rummage through my threads.
7. He is a FUNNY man. I don't think anyone ever created can make me laugh like him. The young women in our ward tell me how funny he is, I tell them he is cute.
6. He is incredibly considerate. He will do little things for me like leaving notes on the bathroom mirror, making me cd's, cleaning, and lots of hugs when I lose my cool and curse the teaching profession.
5. He loves puppies...and kids. For us, these are running under the same category: too expensive and no one to take care of them. But when we do get a beautiful puppy or a furry little baby, he will be amazing. I know it.
4. He spoils me a bit. Danno still plans surprise dates, buys flowers, or gets me a cute outfit (He just got me one for my interviews!) even when we are busy and married.
3. He is cute. Well, he is.
2. He is an amazing example for me, our families, and friends.
1. He loves me.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We Fondue! Do you?

Random preface: Styrofoam, although a terrible foe to the environment, can entertain for up to 5 minutes. Here are the rules: 1. you can only use your fingernail or keys 2. You must make a picture from a random shape or line that your partner draws for you. 3. Enjoy.

Last Monday the stars aligned and Danno and I were able to do family night with the Champions! We went to the lovely Draper Temple and then to Zuppas for din-din. After a delish dinner, Daddy Warbucks [Randizzle] bought us a tantalizing little treat.
YOU GUESSED IT!!!We got some fab fondue!
Along with fudge yumminess, we got cosmic brownie bites, marshmallows, bananas, and strawberries.
It was Ryan's first fondue experience and he was pretty hesitant. However, the allure of the dessert coaxed him in and he ended up with a chocolaty mouth--just how we like him.My sweet sister Amy eats seven things. 1. bread 2. chicken 3. milk (kinda) 4. dessert 5. coconut shrimp (wait! only a little bit) 6. A1 sauce and ranch and the new one [drumroll....] 7. SPOONS dipped in chocolate.

We do fondue. We invite you to fondue with us. Do it, fondue it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In the words of Whitney Houstin, "I believe the children are our future."

Nearly every day I arrive at la escuela I find sticky treats ripped from pockets, pennies and dimes, and love notes. Many of them look somewhat like the above picture. As I sit down and get ready for the day, I read them and think how cute they are, how precious these little munchkins are, and how teaching is grrrrrrrrrreat. Imagine my surprise when I found this one from an anonymous little kiddy.

I laughed so loud when I found this one. I quickly stuffed it in my teacher bag to avoid questions from my nosy little boys. Later that day, the littlest girl in the class, came up to me with her toothless grin and asked if I got her note. I told her I wasn't sure and she said enthusiastically, "It was the one in the big, black marker!" She had found a valentine that said, "stuck on you." Personally, it was funnier to me how she wrote it. This is why people have kids.