Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are alive. I promise.

My resolution while I was off-track was to rev up my blogging life. However, I spent much of my blogging time admiring my friends, their children, their adventures with husbands, and fellow teaching careers. Here I am now three weeks into school and just getting to our update.

Life is just wonderful! I am loving teaching third grade and find them pleasant and cute. I have had some pretty funny adventures with the children. They make me laugh and frequently cry...from stress. But things are going well and I would like to report that I have gone 4 weeks without crying on the way to work! Woot! So far, I have been kissed on my arm, bled on, cried on, picked up, called Mommy several times, and so many other silly things. My mom always said the kids made the job worth it. She was so right.

Danno is still the best husband in the world. He brought me lunch at work today. He is surviving school and spitting on peoples' Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster. He enjoyed Fall break with Shawn and played lots of video games, pumped iron, did homework, and is still the best housewife a girl could ask for. I love him.