Saturday, July 10, 2010

Annual 4th of July 5K

Angie bought Yuki her 2nd outfit. I was so anti-dressing animals up...until I saw how cute she is. Thank you Jonelle for her first dress!
Chloe is my girl! We are best friends!
Kelsie is from the "hood" in Texas. Actually not, but she sure tries!
Owen likes grapes
Here is the whole running team!
We started off our 4th of July like we usually do: by running in the Sandy 5K! Tanner took 3rd place in his age group, Evonne took 1st, and they both got sweet prizes! We eventually had a BBQ later which explains the last half of the pictures.

Yuki + Guido = BFF

This is the photo recap of Yuki and Guido. Guido is Danno's cousins Matt and Carla's pup. They have a love hate relationship because Yuki often kicks Guido's trash.

Catching up!

Baby Yuki tolerates my love
Baby Yuki loves Danno
The Champ Fam
Owee is allergic...but this was before we found out :(
The Domm Fam
The Kunz Fam
The Hilbigs @ our new house
Baby Yuki
Ok, here I am evading the heat of my casa and TADA! there is internet. So here is the picture portion of our life.