Thursday, February 10, 2011


Wowzas. I happened to check on my blogging world today and nearly dry heaved from my own background. I have a lot of stuff. My world is all tangled. [off-note reference: Tangled the movie made me feel 8 years old again. I loved it.] I have a part of me that loves the simple. I like simple, clean art, I enjoy my counters free of paper scraps, and general roughage that makes me feel stressed. On the other hand, I am not a perfectionist in the slightest. I like trinkets, I don't mind myself or others making messes, and I am fairly laid back. But then my alter-ego sets in and I must have things tidied up within minutes. I'm in the no crap, no slack phase. You know, where I do the dishes while I cook so I have minimal dishes crowding my sink. Also, the multi-textured background was so pink, glittery, and ropey, and hearty, and swirly. Thus the plain/jane until my inner art teacher emerges again. I hope she comes soon. This clean and tidy chick is no fun, plus she is anal about her bedtime.

I declare the sudden switch to be from my multiple assessments, test dates, and parent teacher conferences as contributing factors. Good thing both of us broads have a dreamy husband to serenade them with the guitar at 9:49 pm. That always makes us much happier.