Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tres Anos!

Wonderful things come in threes. Amigos....
3 legged races....

Three years of marriage.

Oh yes, there are many wonderful things that come in threes.

Camping in the Spruces

I love me some nature.

I also love sharing it with this huge bunch of yahoos.

Kelsie, Natalie, and Ashley felt the urge to chop wood and grow hair.

My dad enjoyed some much needed relaxation.

Scottie Pippen!
The boys.
The girls.
The worm.
The Dads (Wally is drawn on the plate)
The Moms
Look closely! Nasty lil' caterpillars!
Clearly born this way [Lady Gags reference]
The tiny tent. The tiny couple.
Look closely by Jack's head-there is another caterpillar hanging.
Beloved hammock.

Families were made to spend this time together. I love my family.

I'm coming clean.

Danno and I have kept this under wraps for nearly 5 months now. Baby Yuks has had a hard life. We have only told close family and friends of this sad, sad leg. Yuki was on the forbidden couch and had no plans to get down. We nudged her off like we usually do, but something terrible happened. Yuki broke her leg. We rushed her to emergency where they had to drug the poor bitty baby up. We took her to her doctor where they performed surgery. FAIL. Yup, they did it wrong. We didn't find this out for 6 weeks. Enter surgery #2. FAIL. Did it wrong again. Enter surgery #3....Hold the phone doc-you only get to slice open and ruin my dog twice. We then found our saving grace Dr. Nebeker. No surgery-just proper bandaging and experience. Bone fixed! However, we have found out that Yuki has weak bones-which explains the broken teeth and broken bone. Sadness. So here we are, nursing our little dog back to health, doing physical therapy on her, and hoping for four legs by Christmas. There. I said it.